Barbara Roufs: her net worth, death and more

The champion of American drag racing Barbara Roufs died unexpectedly in January 1991. She is one of the most stunning athletes who motivated the competition. In Southern California, in 1944, an American Drag Race Trophy Girl was born. Barbara is a native of the nation. She became well-known for being a young, incredibly beautiful woman. Barbara has also significantly increased the group’s vitality and contentment.

1991 saw Barbara’s passing. At the time, she was 47 years old.In this little narrative, her occupation, total assets, and marital status are all veiled. This leads to a brief overview of Barbara Rouf’s life and the events leading up to her passing.

What Did Barbara Roufs Actually Exist Before She Died?

In the early 1970s, after the industry had expanded from its 1960s zenith, Barbara Roufs made her debut as a trophy girl in the drag racing scene. The more modern model of car had taken the place of the earlier one. The original dragsters are modified to fuelers, with the driver’s seat positioned behind the engine. With time, auto texts have become better. As a result, the competitors’ rewards were also modified. The women’s hair grew longer, their shorts got smaller, and their bras burnt.

But Barbara was the epitome of the prize young lady, with her long, fixed hair, her vaporous opportunity tanks, and her iconic 1960s go boots.

Back in the Professional Dragster Association era, only women possessing Barbara Roufs’s stature, physique, and allure could be considered suitable for such a job on the streets of California. Thus, she made a name for herself by bringing life and energy to the races.

Barbara Roufs
Barbara Roufs

What Did Barbara Roufs Actually Exist Before She Died?

Roufs made her stage debut as a drag racing trophy girl in the late 1960s and early 1970s. At Orange County International Raceway, she became victorious in the sixth annual United States Professional Dragster Championship. Barbara also took home the Professional Dragster Association championship in 1973.

Despite her late age, Barbara remained a darling among the racers and spectators. Due to her attractiveness, producers and other companies attempting to market their goods to drag racing enthusiasts were keen to hire her. That’s how Barbara became so famous that t-shirts and advertisements with her picture were standard. She was credited by many with reviving the drag racing.

She had a major influence on how drag racing changed from its height in the 1960s to its current state in the 1970s. In addition, racers were switching out their outdated models for newer, more powerful ones. Barbara Roufs awarded the winners with trophies. But what really made her well-known in the PDA was her stunning beauty.

Is Barbara Married?

Barbara had one child and was married. Jet Dougherty is the name of the child she gave birth to at the age of 29. In addition, the identity of Roufs’ spouse is still unknown.

Everyone was shocked in 2016 when well-known photographer Tom West published old photos of Barbara Roufs’ kid.

On Facebook, Jet Dougherty’s mother shared a couple of her recollections. Despite her insistence to the contrary, her life had been horribly short. It had been bustling and crowded. Nevertheless, Jet believed that when she saw her mother online, she would at last find happiness.

Additionally, the following was provided by Crystal Dougherty, the granddaughter of Roufs, who was overjoyed to see the photos. She said she is conscious of her physical attractiveness and confident in herself.

How Was the End of Barbara Rouf’s Life?

Barbara’s daughter Jet mentioned her mother’s death in 1991. Nonetheless, Rouf committed suicide, which is how he died. However, the cause of the suicide remained a mystery.

She passed away at the age of 47. Before she passed away, Barbara and her family lived in Fresno, California.

What Was Barbara’s Pre-Death Net Worth?

Barbara was a model and drag race trophy girl during the 1970s. At the time, it was unknown how much money the trophy girls had made. Nonetheless, she was compensated by her salaries. Several of Barbara’s well-known images from the 1970s can be purchased via internet retailers. Her estimated net worth was $1.5 million.


Model Barbara Roufs was the Southern California drag racer champion. Still, drag racing helped new automobiles become fashionable in the 1970s, and she became well-known for them. Roufs distinguished herself from the other prize females at the age of 29. Her trademark style also includes wide-cropped straight hair and go-go boots from the 1960s. Sadly, Roufs committed suicide in January 1991. Read more

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